TECCIVEL has been operating in the industrial market since 2011 and is a specialized company in the manufacture, maintenance of rotary and static assets, equipment assembly with welding services of special materials.

The managers have accumulated an extensive experience in the maintenance management of rotational and static assets, manufacture and assembly of metallic structures and equipment and services with special weldings, thus consolidating their brand in the market based on 3 pillars that they believe in, SECURITY, TRANPARENCY AND RELIABILITY.

Actuation Area

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  •  Pulp and paper industry
  • Iron and metallurgical industry
  • Construction industry
  •  Oil refinery

Main Products and Activities

  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Manufacture and assembly of metal structures
  • Manufacture and assembly of small and large pipelines
  • Assembly of static equipment, boiler panels, tanks, furnaces and chimneys.
  • Recovery of pump casings (volute) , carbon steel and stainless
  • Assembly of static equipment, pumps, fans and electric motors
  • Inspection of categorized equipment NR-13 tanks and boilers
  • Special welding in copper, lead, aluminum, cast iron etc